Come Talk to us About Wet Rooms with Slip Resistant Floors

Bathrooms get wet frequently, and it's all too easy to have water where it shouldn't be. A wet room changes this as it doesn't matter where the water lands. The wet room protects the whole bathroom, unlike traditional walk-in shower where there are a tile and waterproof area for the shower divided by a glass or curtain. 

Those who want a modern bathroom might want to investigate a wet room. These rooms are entirely watertight, including the floors and the walls, and the cabinets are water-resistant. There's no need to worry about where the water splashes and the entire room has a more seamless appearance, without walls or curtains setting off a section for the shower.

If you're ready to install a new bathroom or you'd like to remodel an existing bathroom, a wet room might be the perfect option. It's essential to use the right professional and request the best materials, so the place looks fantastic and continues to work well for many years.

Why not call now to discuss how we can help you with your new home imporvement project?

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    Learn About the Slip-Resistant Floor Choices

    For a wet room, the most crucial decision is the type of flooring. Since the entire room can get wet, it's vital to consider flooring options that are slip-resistant to avoid falls. Some of the options available today for a slip-resistant wet room include the following.

    Edinburgh Tiling Services Wet Room

    Edinburgh Tiling Services Wet Room

    Tiled Floors

    Tiles have plenty of choices, and almost all subflooring options for wet rooms will accept tiles. Tiles are the most popular option for wet rooms.

    Vinyl floor finish

    If the risk of slipping is significant in the bathroom, vinyl floors can be used. There are now more designs available, though the subflooring options are limited for this choice.



    This product based on cement that can be used to create a decorative finish. There are a couple of subflooring options for this new floor material.

    Slip Resistance

    For a wet room, make sure you consider the slip rating of any flooring options. Many flooring materials will have a slip rating, and the option picked should meet or exceed HSA and HSE recommendations. Contact us today to learn more about wet room flooring options and to see what's available that can meet your needs.  

    Wall Panels are Another Excellent Option

    Edinburgh Tiling Services Luxury Wet Room

    Edinburgh Tiling Services Luxury Wet Room

    Many of those who decide to tackle a bathroom remodel need to keep their budget in mind, and some will be under time constraints. In these situations, bathroom wall panels might be an excellent option to consider. These are made from acrylic resin or MDF that is designed to resist moisture. This allows the panels to be waterproof without lacking in colour or design options.

    When wall panels are chosen, they offer a fully waterproof wall, which is faster and easier it install than compared to more complex tiling ideas. Lastly, this option is less likely to allow mould to grow, so they're easy to keep clean and potentially more hygienic than other options. If you're considering wall panels, contact us today about a quote.

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