Our Wall Tilers Have Years of Experience, let us do the Work

Our floor and wall tilers can handle any floor and wall tiling project no matter the size of the job. We’ve worked on both large and small jobs in the past. We’ll begin by visiting your home to see what rooms need to be tiled and to learn more about the ideas you have for those rooms.

Some of the jobs we can do include the following.

  • Demolition of existing tiles, cleaning the area and disposing of existing tiles
  • Create level surface for tiling flooring or walls, including removing old decorations as needed
  • Laying tiles for kitchen backsplashes, flooring, hallways, stairs, bathrooms, and external areas
  • Arrange wall tiles in horizontal or vertical brick patterns, basket weave patterns, or a step ladder patterns
  • Waterproof the area to prevent water damage to bathroom walls
  • Refurbish existing tiles by adding fresh grout and sealant, so they are easier to maintain and last longer

Whether you’re looking for new floor tiles or would like to add wall tiles to the kitchen, bathroom, or another room, we can help. Contact us today to tell us about the project you have in mind.

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    Can You Tile the Wall or Floor On Your Own?

    Edinburgh Tiling Adhesive Wall

    Edinburgh Tiling Adhesive Wall

    One question many homeowners have is whether they can handle the tiling themselves. Of course, like many home projects, tiling is something homeowners can do, but it’s often not a good idea.

    You would need to have plenty of time and patience to learn different tiling techniques, which our wall tilers have already been doing for years.

    Below are some of the types of experience we have that can help ensure your next project has a professional finish.

    • Our wall tilers have all of the tools needed for the job, including standard tools like safety equipment, trowels, spacers, and a tile cutter. It also includes specialized tools that always seem to be needed for just one part of the job.
    • With our experience, we already know what tiles to buy, the best use for ceramic or porcelain tiles, and what tiles can be used on the floor or the wall. We also know what tiles to pick for durability and slip ratings if the tiles are going in a walk-in shower or wet room.
    • We have a relationship with a variety of suppliers, so we can get the best prices and stay on top of modern tiling trends.
    • We can level a floor with the right base, layout various patterns, and handle cutting tiles to go around windows, outlets, and other fixtures.
    • When tiles are being installed, you need to purchase the right adhesive, grout, and sealant for the job. You also kneed to know the correct quantity, so you don’t end up with too much or too little.

    You can learn all of this. But it will take a lot of time to plan the project, learn everything you need to know and figure out how to install the tiles properly so they not only look good but will also last a long time. Instead of going through all of this time & effort, contact our wall and floor tilers for your next tiling project.

    Ready for a new Tiling Experience?