Stockbridge Tilers, Where Best to Find Great Tilers in the Stockbridge Area?

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Stockbridge is part of Edinburgh but at the same time retains a distinct village feeling, which makes it very attractive for both homeowners and tourists alike. It has a rich and varied history, has some beautiful architecture, and has been home to many, many famous citizens over the years.

From Leslie Benzies (founder of Rockstar) to St. Henry Raeburn, painter (he whose name graces several streets in Edinburgh). The "village" has hosted footballers, physicists, money lenders, brothel keepers, artists, intellectuals, too many to name here but if you'd like someone added, please let us know.

Stockbridge is also host to rugby, cricket, and the world-famous duck race. It's also home to the wonderful and very successful Stockbridge Pipe Band.

Old, majestic, and trying hard to keep its unique identity, Stockbridge is one of our favourite villages/towns to visit and perform our tiling in. We have fitted both modern and period tiling in the (mainly) graceful tenemented buildings

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    Simple. We have decided that next year we are looking to expand our family-owned business, and we want to increase the number of happy customers that have used Edinburgh Tiling Services. If you are looking to improve or enhance your property, be it Commercial or Residential, then we are here for you and can provide Stockbridge Tilers.

    Over the years, we've managed to attract a great bunch of customers within the areas of Stockbridge, Comley Bank, Canonmills, and Ravelston, among others.

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    Who are Edinburgh Tiling Services in Stockbridge and What can They do?

    Stockbridge Tiling patterned tiles

    Edinburgh Tile Services is a young, family-owned company very keen to expand within Central Scotland.

    We take great pride in our work, are honest, reliable and tidy and make sure we clean up after each job. We know this is not the case for some companies and we also know it's a nuisance having to tidy up mess left behind by tradespeople.

    You can be very confident  that we'll deliver excellent tiling work for you or your company.

    This means that you can relax knowing you are in the right hands, whether you need bathroom tilerswall tilersexternal tilingkitchen tilersfloor tilers, or any type of tiling.

    Why not give us a call now to discuss what we can do for you.


    We also major on the commercial side of tiling and would be delighted to lead or assist your projects. Our teams are also proficient in the installation of wet rooms and wall panels, and underfloor heating.


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