External Tiling can Give That new Look you are Seeking Outside the Home!

You are proud of your home or office, and enjoy making that first impression welcoming. Your customers will also take notice when they first arrive at a well designed tiled entrance or lobby. Also, choosing less porous and durable tiles, you will be assured that the workmanship will last.

Hey, are you looking to shake things up? Adding tiles to the patio, wall, or even your outdoor kitchen and barbeque area could transform that tired looking area into one that will allow you to leave your own sense of style to your home. 

When working with outdoor tiles and materials, such as tiling adhesive and grout, a suggestion could be to use materials that have a natural appearance so that the tiles blend into the surrounding outdoor area. Neutral tones and natural stone shades like brown, black and grey work well with any palette. 

Are you looking to make the area stand out?  Add colour!  Our designers can introduce fresh ideas into your home or office. 

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    What's so Great About External Tiling?

    We must confess, we didn't tile this pool but we do believe a pool is a great example of external tiling showing how durable, dependable and obviously waterproof a good tiling project can be.

    A typical pool area will have a tiled base, tiled walls and usually tiles all the way round the pool.

    Truly a versatile (see what we did there?) material used everywhere around the world.

    PS Yoga Poses are optional.

    Edinburgh Tiling Services - External Tiling
    Edinburgh Tiling Services External Tiling

    Tiled Patio areas are a great idea for places that get traffic but don't want the rough looking slabs or blocks to spoil the ambience.

    They are great for around barbecues, eating areas, lounging areas, basically anywhere that you want to look a bit more classy. They are also much easier to clean than rough outdoor materials.

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