Corstorphine Tilers, Where Best to Find Tilers in the Corstorphine Area?

This article has been created just for you by Edinburgh Tiling Services. When looking for Corstorphine Tilers, we're here, just for you.

Some of the finest people in Edinburgh stay in Corstorphine. We've been told to say this by our good friends!

The Edinburgh Bypass has thankfully diverted the majority of traffic that used to choke Corstorphine. It's by no means perfect now, but it's certainly an improvement, and people are finding it a more attractive place to stay again.

It has an excellent bus service into the town, and on the outskirts of Corstorphine, there are both tram lines and the Edinburgh Gateway and South Gyle train lines. Should you want to go North, South, or West, it's a couple of miles from the main Motorways. Perfect.

Many of the houses and offices in the Corstorphine and surrounding areas are magnificent. We know as we've been fortunate enough to tile some of them. Certain buildings have been converted from grand homes to office buildings, with the requirement being character tiles. Others have been modernised with bright, durable, and classy tiling. We know that there is a shortage of the right tilers in the area who are available to work.

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    And by sheer coincidence, we at Edinburgh Tiling Services have decided that it's time to grow our family business.

    Being based 20 minutes away from Corstorphine, we don't have the same overheads as those companies based in the town, which means our prices are slightly lower. Corstorphine is also fortunate. It's not as heavily penalised regarding parking as it is within the centre, so again, we don't have the parking costs that unfortunately need to be passed to the customer.

    Corstorphine is one of our tiler's favourite places to work due to its excellent location. Our Corstorphine Tilers (we split our men into areas sometimes) have already completed many Kitchens and Bathroom tiling projects (socially distanced, of course). Now that the restrictions are on their way to being lifted, we are filling our order book fast.

    We would be more than happy to discuss any tiling requirements you may have.

    To view the different services we offer, click on the link below to our main page.

    For both new and old customers, we very much look forward to hearing from you.

    Who are Edinburgh Tiling Services in Corstorphine and What is it They do?

    Corstorphine Tiling Ornate Bath and Tiles

    We're a family-owned and run company and are keen to make our business a thriving, reputable, and successful tiling company as there are too few of them in Scotland currently.

    You can be confident that we'll deliver fantastic tiling work across all of the different disciplines.

    This means that you can rest easy knowing you are in the right hands, whether you need bathroom tilersfloor tilerswall tilersexternal tilingkitchen tilers, or any type of tiling you are looking for.

    We spend a considerable amount of time on the commercial and contract side of tiling and would be delighted to assist in or lead your projects. We are happy to work alongside you under your direction or around other tradespeople if this is required.

    We know how difficult this can be on occasion but assure you that we are 100% professional and only want to get the project to completion.

    Our Corstorphine Tilers are also proficient in the installation of underfloor heating and wet rooms and wall panels.

    As above, we invite you to view our home page that gives you an idea of all the various services we offer. We are very confident that we can provide what you are looking for and would love to hear from you.

    Corstorphine Tiling tiled backdrop

    Our professional and friendly team is waiting to hear from you.